Finding images for Visual Table of Contents widget


Potential new Brightspace user here, and my apologies if I posted this in the wrong place.

I was wondering where images to use in the Visual Table of Contents widget might be found or how to make one. I know the recommended size is 768 x 400 pixels or larger, "with visual interest at the top of the image." That last part is proving to be problematic, so every image I try to use appears to be chopped off when displayed in the widget.


  • Meredith.S.894

    These default images come from a central area of Brightspace that is managed by administrators. Instructors can insert their own images for individual courses inside the Content tool. You likely already know this, since you've discovered that the tops of your images are getting chopped off, but for anyone reading this and unsure how to add their own images, here is the workflow:

    Navigate to Content and the unit/module for which you want to change the image.
    Edit the unit/module and insert an image, using the following icon:

    Once you save and close, that image will appear in the Visual Table of Contents widget for that unit/module.

    If you are still having difficulty with the dimensions of your image, you can crop the top of it right in Brightspace. The workflow:

    Edit the unit/module
    Select the image and choose the Edit image option
    The icon on the far left allows you to crop it
    Apply, then Save

  • Peggy.R.1517
    Peggy.R.1517 Posts: 4 🔍

    Thank you for the reply. I was hoping not to have to crop the images, since I want the entire image to appear, not just a slice of it.