Role not available in course migrated from another org unit (School)?

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Hello wonderful D2L community!

We have somewhat of an urgent issue that I'm trying to understand. We worked with our LMS administration to create a unique role that allows us to use the LMS autonomously for our internal courses (corporate use) and still protects the academic use of the same system (students). We currently have a school level custom org unit for our courses. One of our courses was created outside of this "school" and our custom role is not available for this course. My question is, "Are roles only available within certain org units?" If so, is it possible our custom role was only applied to our org unit and when this outside course was migrated in, the role is not available for it?" I'm currently only able to be a "leader" in this course and don't have access to "Add Existing → SCORM/xAPI" and have a new hire cohort starting Monday that needs to use these Rise courses in Brightspace. Please feel free to ask any follow up questions for clarification as well!


  • Praful.R.602
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    Good Day Aaron,

    Brightspace Roles are not limited to certain schools/ courses.
    Reading through the description my initial assessment is that the User account you are using is either not enrolled/ has an incorrect role assigned in the course that is created outside of the dedicated school org unit.
    I would recommend working with your LMS admin to check the enrollments/ current role details.

    Hopefully this helps.

    Kind regards,
    Praful Rodrigues
    D2L TAM

  • Aaron.M.691
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    Hello Praful!

    Thank you for your reply. I didn't think roles were limited to certain courses/schools either. After reaching out to the LMS admin he was able to assign the correct role for this course. Crisis averted, LOL