Make <detail> <summary> elements editable within Brightspace Editor

Arman.V.176 Posts: 20 🌱

The HTML templates contain Bootstrap accordion elements. Nowadays, one can create such accordions with multiple <details> elements. More info on the webdev page: These <details> elements are now native to (almost) all browsers. I can create accordion-like behaviour (both exclusive and inclusive) using the <details> element. They function perfectly within Brightspace.

However, when I want to edit these elements with the Brightspace Editor these elements except for the first panel are closed and I can only make edits to the contents of the closed by going directly to the source code. As you can see in the attached image This is a bridge too far for most teachers at our institution.

Can someone point towards a solution by which The <details> and connected <summary> elments are all open when the page is in Edit mode within Brightspace. Similar to the Bootstrap accordions that come with the HTML templates. These panels are always open in Edit mode, as you can see in the attached image.

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