LeaP integration: Connecting content and learning objectives

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Currently, we are in the process of redesigning some of our business courses, and we have initiated the integration of LeaP. We have had a few questions during this process, and I would greatly appreciate your assistance in addressing them.

1. What are the best practices for ensuring that the course content remains aligned with the learning objectives when utilizing LeaP? For example, do we need to make sure to match the words from learning objectives with the title of the course content?

2. We have noticed that within the Learning Path, only certain course objectives are displayed. Could you please explain the mechanism for selectively displaying specific course objectives?

3. In our current testing phases, we have opted not to require a pretest for students. However, we have observed that only some learning objectives appear under the learning paths. Is there a method for controlling which objectives are displayed, particularly in the absence of a pretest feature?

4. Could you provide us with any example courses that we can use as references?
We have had some challenges in accessing comprehensive information on the Brightspace LeaP website.

5. As part of our research projects exploring students’ utilization of the system, we are interested in analyzing click data. Do you have any sample datasets generated from LeaP, and if so, how can we extract student data for analysis?