Course Access via PULSE is currently not being registered


Hi all,
Are any of you using the BDS "Course Access Log" ? And are you aware that it has not registered new records since mid October 2023? It has been identified as a known issue - see article here:

Our concern is that it is not considered to be a critical issue and no fix has been planned.
We use course access in different reports, and therefore really need the fix. How about you? Are we the only ones who find the issue to be critical?

We came across the issue by chance and it shows that there is not monitoring of unexpected drops/increases in the data that is registered in Brightspace. We plan, in the near future, to run several reports automatically and in an automated setup we would never have found out that data is missing.
Is that something that concerns you? Did you expect D2L to be monitoring data registration?

Regards, Birgitte


  • Trevor.U.386
    Trevor.U.386 Posts: 4 🌱

    Thank you for the heads up. We have a process to pull in the differentials throughout the week which appear to be updating correctly. We don't use this set often, but it is a very useful set to have up to date.

    We had a question last week about tracking student engagement between last year's course and this year's course as some changes were made to the content and they are hoping to track engagement changes.

  • Ethan.D.435
    Ethan.D.435 Posts: 5

    Hey Birgitte, we appreciate you bringing up this concern. The team did consider this to be a high priority issue and we've pushed out a release for our mobile Pulse app that will correct this behaviour - available now (details in the known issue article you shared).