Is it possible to set up multiple enrollment emails in different languages?


We run courses in both English and German and have both language packs implemented. We would like to have an enrollment email for each language sending out when we enroll new students, however in the Mail Template Manager I cannot see the option to have multiple Enrollment E-Mails or options to save more than one.

Is there a work around for this?



  • Praful.R.602
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    Hi Oliver,

    Hopefully, you are doing well.
    As a workaround, I have seen clients build both languages within the same template (English at the top and German at the bottom)

    We also have a Feature request that is currently in review, that I would recommend you to vote and add your use-case. Language support for Mail Templates (D8845)

    Kind regards,
    Praful Rodrigues
    D2L TAM