YOU can be featured in our upcoming GAAD 2024 event!🌎

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Hey Community Members👋

We would like to invite you to our upcoming Glad to be GAAD 2024 event on May 16th from 12-1pm ET.

Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect during that event:

🤝 Learn about D2L's commitment to accessibility and the 'why' behind accessible content

🧠 Brainstorm with us ways you can achieve accessibility best practices in your content

💬 Be inspired by client testimonials for incorporating accessibility into your content

📚 Access brand new accessibility resources inside the Brightspace Community

We would LOVE to be able to hear from YOU the ways that you incorporate accessibility into your content and we are inviting you to be a part of the client testimonials that will be featured in this event.

The Ask:

  • Record and send us a 20-30 second video where you briefly outline “How have you incorporated accessibility into your content?”
  • Please send recordings to with a subject line: GAAD Event Client Testimonial

We will then create a client testimonial video that will be featured during this GAAD event. We LOVE hearing from you and appreciate your engagement to share your best practices so we can continue to learn from each other🤗

📝NOTE: Please have all submissions emailed to the Community team by May 10th.


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    Thank you to all those that connected with us to participate in this activity!
    Looking forward to seeing you at our GAAD Even this week!

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