Why are my grades out of order?

When looking at grades, the columns for each weeks' assignments are out of order. Is there a way to rearrange, so I can see them chronologically? The data was imported from last year's course site, which I did not create, so I also don't know if this is by design or user error on the part of my predecessor.


  • Pulkit.Y.864

    Hello @Danya.M.278,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Brightspace Community!

    Could you try following these steps and see if this helps?

    1. Go to the Grades tool
    2. Click on the "Manage Grades" tab
    3. Click on "More Actions" dropdown menu > Reorder
    4. Set the sort order based on your requirements
    5. Click on Save


    Pulkit Yadav

  • Danya.M.278
    Danya.M.278 Posts: 3 🔍
    Thank you, that was exactly it!