Pagination/students per page in Gradebook


How can I change the number of students faculty can view per page in the gradebook? Right now the max they can see is 10 per page and we have set our pagination settings to 250, but it hasn't affected the gradebook. Any tips?



  • Ashwin.R.60
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    Hello @Heather.K.449

    Thank you for reaching out to the Brightspace Community.

    The users can choose the number of users to be displayed from the dropdown at the bottom of the Grades page.

    You can change this display option with the config variable: d2l.Settings.PaginationNumbering ( Org )

    The per page options available for use within a gradebook is dependent on the following config variables
    - Limits the number of users displayed on a single page in spreadsheet view

    - Limits the number of users per page based on the maximum number of grade items that can be viewed on a page

    These settings denote the maximum amount of records that will be displayed on one page, so if the number shown will go over that limit, it will reduce the 'per page' option to the maximum amount that can be used on the page. Bear in mind, however, that these settings are in place to prevent timeouts within grade books. Still, you can change those values if you wish, but in doing so you would assume added risk for slowness/timeouts, and you might need to reduce these again should this happen.
    Something to consider about Grades.GradesList.MaxSpreadsheetRecords is that this is used as part of the calculation to determine the # of users that can render per page, but it is not the # of user that can render per page.

    Number of rows = Maximum Records Allowed / Number of Columns
    Maximum users per page = Grades.GradesList.MaxSpreadsheetRecords / # of Grade Items

    Using this same formula, you should be able to calculate what value for Grades.GradesList.MaxSpreadsheetRecords would be required in order to allow for the additional filters, bearing in mind considerations for performance that I alluded to.

    Now, you want the maximum users per page to exceed the largest per page count as to not to exclude your targeted per page count value.


    Ashwin Ravi