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I've added a glossary to my course and want to create quick links from the first occurrence of each glossary term in the content to the glossary itself. However, I can't find "glossary" listed as a quick link option. Is there a method available to achieve this?



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    Hello @Shonelle.W.988

    Thank you for reaching out to the Brightspace Community.

    Since the Glossary is custom-created and not a part of the Brightspace tool, you cannot find it under Quicklink options.

    You can copy the Glossary URL and add it to the contents using the "Create new > Web link " option and embed it on the same page OR you can use the "Create new > HTML document > Insert stuff > Insert Link" option to display the link in the contents to the Glossary.

    If you would like more options I would suggest the submission of a PIE item, or upvoting one that suits your use case.

    Brightspace Community Idea Site: Submissions (


    Ashwin Ravi

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    Hi Ashwin,

    Thank you for your response and suggestions.