How can I include more than one paragraph in Stylised Quote?

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In multiple occasions I need to include individual lines or short paragraphs in a Stylised Quote.
Creator+ doesn't allow this.
Does anyone know any workaround?

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  • Craig.R.185
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    Hi @Josu.A.277 . I'm don't know of a way to do this. I think it would be a good feature request in the Product Idea Exchange. As a workaround, though, if you're ok with fiddling with the HTML, you could create the first paragraph normally, then add the second paragraph manually in the code. Here's how to do this:

    1. Create the quote as normal, with only the first paragraph
    2. (maybe required) Expand the Brightspace Editor toolbar to see two rows by clicking the three ellipses
    3. Click the Code button to open the code modal
    4. Find the <blockquote> …. </blockquote> section
    5. Find the first <p> … </p> section inside the blockquote section that holds your first paragraph
    6. Add a line below that of step 5 that will contain your second paragraph
      1. Create your <p> </p> tags (indentation doesn't matter)
      2. Enter your second paragraph text between the <p> </p> tags you created in step 6a
    7. Click the Save button to close the code modal and see your work

    Here's a animation of the above steps:

    You can repeat steps 5 and 6 to add three or more paragraphs.


  • Matt.W.287
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    Hi Josu

    When I want to insert vertical space in a webpage, I have also experienced the additional linefeeds getting stripped out. The workaround I use, if you're comfortable with editing the HTML Source, is to insert either "<br>" multiple times or "<p>&nbsp</p>" in the spot where you want to see the "blank space" appear.

    The latter is my preference.

    If what you're experiencing is that hitting ENTER causes the message to save/submit/send then you can try hitting Shift+ENTER instead (or Alt+ENTER as is used in Excel).

    I hope that's helpful
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  • Josu.A.277
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    Hi Craig.R.185 and Matt.W.287,

    Thank you for your responses about how to add multiple paragraphs to Stylised Quotes.

    Once I've created the paragraphs I need, the view in Edit mode (Firefox & Chrome) do not display the additional paragraphs I've added. Content with all paragraphs only displays correctly in the "New Tab View".

    But more importantly, when switching to "Student" mode, only the first paragraph is displayed. All additional paragraphs I've created below the first one are not displayed.

    This seems to be an issue beyond the simple code to add additional lines/paragraphs in Edit mode.

    Yes, multiple paragraphs would be a most welcome update to Stylised Quotes. I'll drop a line to the Product Idea Exchange Team.


  • Craig.R.185
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    Gadzooks, you're right, @Josu.A.277 . My apologies for missing that.

    If anyone wants to upvote this feature request, it's PIE request D11331 (might need a Product Idea Exchange visit first to log in)