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Soon the Custom Hosted Widgets should be replaced with System Widgets. However, I still haven't read anything about the inability to attach Release Conditions to System Widgets, while they are currently attached to the Custom Hosted Widgets.

I still do not see how this will work in the new situation? Are Release Conditions to System Widgets introduced at the same time? Or am I missing something?



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    Hello Allard

    Thankyou for reaching out to Brightspace Community.

    Release conditions can be applied to Custom Widgets but not System Widgets. So when the Homepage Widget Expansion Pack was moved to System Widgets this option was no longer available

    Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to restrict who sees the widget. As the widget displays content from a Module/Unit within content it is possible to control what is displayed to different roles via release conditions. For example you could create one welcome page and set the release condition so it is only visible to Instructors and have another welcome page so it is only visible to Learners.

    If you would like more options I would highly suggest the submission of a PIE item, or
    upvoting one that suits your use case. You can also create a new PIE item and upvote.

    Brightspace Community Idea Site: Submissions (


    Ashwin Ravi

  • Allard.N.654
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    Hi Ashwin,

    That's exactly what I was afraid of and makes us think this decision was made overnight without thinking it through. D2L is aware of this problem (with PIE-items from 2015). So the problem is not being fixed, no attention is paid to it. Instead, time is spent on a part of the product that works fine (while there are many major issues with the core functionality of the product), actively breaking the product more?

    PIE items D4792 (2018) and D2115 (2015!). To be clear, we are not asking for more options, we are asking to not remove the options.