Individual Assignment folder for groups


We have a situation….. an assignments folders (file submission) was set up as an Individual folder, when it should have been set up as a group folder. As a result, we have over 190 students who see "file not submitted" when in fact, it was submitted by the group scribe.

Can we edit to show that all students have submitted a file?



  • Johnny.B.962
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    @Lynn.L.12, since there are submissions in the Assignment already there's no way you can modify to change it to a Group Assignment or anything like that. However, I do have some suggestions as to what to do next, of varying quality/complexity.

    Option 1) In the Assignment, you can still evaluate everyone even though they didn't submit anything. Copy what you had for feedback to the "group scribe" as you put it, to each of the other group mates and upload the file submitted into their feedback so that everyone in the group can still see the file(s). The way your post was written it sounds like all 190 of these students are in the same group, but I'm guessing we are talking about multiple groups here. To assist with this and tell whos all in groups together and not, use the "View By:"/Search options when viewing the submissions to filter the page by groups:

    Option 2) On the Assignments page, select the dropdown beside the Assignment name to Manage Exemptions. You can exempt all the students who didn't make submissions. Then, assuming this is a Graded Assignment, go over to the linked Grade item and similarly duplicate the feedback there as I suggested in Option 1.

    Option 3) Hide the existing Assignment and create a new one that's actually a Group Assignment, and have someone in each of the groups just re-submit the file, or use an admin account to do it on their behalf via impersonation.

    Option 4) Hide the existing Assignment, and create a new one that's a Group Assignment. Use the "On paper submission" or "Observed in person" Submission types and set "Automatically on evaluation" for Marked as completed. You can then just mark everyone as complete by grading everyone, so then it won't make it seem like they haven't completed it.

    There's some other things you could do, but hopefully that gives you some ideas of things to try. Basically, there's not a super quick/easy to solution to this one.

    Hope that helps!