"Past due" and "New submission" errors that won't go away


All of my students submissions show as past due despite there being a due date and a grade entered. I have tried "mark all as complete" and it does nothing. Similarly I have a list of "new submissions" in my assignment list saying there are 57 new submissions (for an assignment due the second week of class in which all grades have been entered) and no matter how many times I select "mark all as complete" they continue to show up as 57 new submissions. Help!


  • Julie.L.787
    Julie.L.787 Posts: 302 admin

    Hi @Claire.G.208 ,

    Thanks for connecting your question with the Brightspace Community.

    It sounds like 1 of a few things may be happening.

    First, were these assignments copied from another course? Sometimes previously set conditions 'stick' with assignments when they are copied. Additionally, I would recommend checking if there are intelligent agents running in the background which could be impacting the submission log.

    Finally, if you have looked into the mentioned issues above and are still having trouble, I suggest logging a support case so that our folks can have a closer look at what may be the cause.