How uploading SCORM new version affects the users assigned to that course?


We are wondering when we update a new SCORM version, how does it affect the progress of the learner?

1. The user who completed the SCORM unit

2. The user who is still in Progress

3. The user who completed the SCORM and revisit the newer SCORM version.

Is there any way that we can manage the uploading of SCORM's newer version?



  • Alfredo.F.151

    hi, @Kean Kee.C.9 !

    In my experience, If you replace the SCORM package you will lose all the progress associated to the previous SCORM.

    You may find some additional information in this link: About SCORM

  • Kean Kee.C.9
    Kean Kee.C.9 Posts: 2 🌱

    Thank you for your reply.

    Does this mean that when we roll out an SCORM course, there isn't any U-turn if the SCORM package requires some update to rectify the settings?