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hello ,
is there a way to reset a user progress in a course, i did try to rest the grades and the quizzes attempt but the user is still able to see the modules from where he finished and i would like to reset that from the beginning so he can start from module 1 and pass again the quizzes to see the other modules, even by unenrolling the user from the course and re-enrolling the user again did not work
Thank you!

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  • Johnny.B.962
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    @Asma.K.162 Great question!

    Currently there isn't a way to reset a user's user progress for an entire course. When a user is unenrolled from a course, all the progress data isn't deleted or anything, it's just hidden until you enroll them back in. To be able to re-complete an entire Course Offering, your best bet would be to make a copy of the Course Offering for the user to complete it again.

    We've had some other D2L clients ask for this recently though, if you want to check out the PIE and look for idea D9879 or similar, give them an upvote!

    Hope that helps!