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Firstly, I am excited that such a community exists. D2L has made my journey as a developing, passionate educator so much easier!

Today my question is not even worthy of this community, not to mention that the answer is probably available in a document somewhere. I apologize. Today, I simply want to use the power of being able to customize my presentation to the learners. I've heard that there are a slew of {somethinghere} type helpers for what I want to dol

Please direct me...

From here on, I'll take my time and begin my second journey of deepening my understanding of how to maximize the effectiveness I can achieve with D2L. I am an adjunct at two different Brightspace using higherEd orgs. They have different levels of allowed features, sadly. But I want to understand enough that I can get the most out of either.

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    Your question and post are PERFECT exactly as they are and we are grateful to you for putting it out there!

    I know there are going to be other folks who will have the exact same question, and probably a few who'll add some other recommendations here too!

    There are some really cool things you can do in Brightspace to jazz up the presentation of learning material!
    Many schools will offer a tool called Creator+ which makes it easy to add activities, and style to your learning material.

    This article provides some more information on what Creator+ is and connects you with a course where you can see how it works and how it looks if you give it a try

    Sometimes other Educators will share back what they're doing with Brightspace and there are a few examples I can show you like this one which includes ideas for activities you can add to Brightspace without Creator+, like wordle style activities and other fun games

    This example shows a few ways Creator+ can be used to make the learning material more engaging and fun (while keeping accessibility in mind) & it also uses Brightspace Awards which everyone has access to

    Let me know if I've missed the mark though and if it happens that you're looking for different kinds of information/examples.

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    Thank you, {Stephanie}! <chuckle>

    Thanks for the speedy respo-post, and Thanks for the warm introduction!

    Yes, somehow, I figured out the one with the name (having a computer programming background may have helped - I teach studio and digital art now :). However, as my imagination suggested, I hoped there may be additional curly brace meta-labels. It will be lovely to incorporate as much dynamic info as possible (avoiding reductions in effectiveness, of course). I don't want to bulk up the reading for my dual-credit students; I hope to encourage a happy and connected feeling in them. And see what else D2L gives us regarding features that help us achieve more profound connection and engagement.

    I've been working in D2L for roughly 2 years now. I enjoy it, though sometimes I think I see opportunities for specific features or alternate approaches to things. I will, however, slow my roll and listen and learn since it is evident in the discussions that a great deal of insight is sitting at the table. But the point I wanted to make in this paragraph is that I am super-hyped about Creator+ and Gamification! WOW! YESSS!!! The new look, alone, has very, very apparent power. …Can't wait.

    I do wonder if there is any talk about two things: 1) color blocks - an object that can be added and then content (text, images) placed in/on top of it. 2) frames for the same. I have often grabbed a screenshot to drop into a lesson, and its edges are invisible because of the white perimeter and the white space.

    Anyway, I do greatly look forward to learning and participating here.

    Kindest regards,

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    Good morning @Jennifer.W.973 ,

    Thanks for your answer, I am putting that one to use right on the banner! 😎

    However, I am looking for the full set of curly brace meta-labels that can be used.

    D2L Instructors: Power up!!

    (Don't mind my silliness. Just a little MBD energy affecting me.)🙃

    Best regards,