CSS Technical Question: Creator+ and Code blocks

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I am trying to track down the source of a bug where the line numbers get smushed when you put a code element inside a Click and Reveal. I'll attach two images. The "Edit" view where the line numbers appear correctly, and the "Live" view where the line numbers get overlayed on top each other on line 1. Any ideas on how to fix this bug would be most appreciated.


  • Stefanie.B.518
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    Hi @Chris.A.328
    This is a great question and we're truly grateful to you for posting here!

    I'm going to send you some information by Direct Message- because I think you're right, this is looking a little buggy.

    With your help we'll take a closer look at this with D2L Support and see if we can get that addressed for anyone trying to add the ordered list inside of the click and reveal.