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Is there a plan to allow videos to play from within Pulse? In fully online courses, students often use mobiles to watch video as they commute or at other times when their personal computer may not available to them. Would like to know what development plans are in store for Pulse.



  • Alex.V.58
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    Hi Maggie! Thanks for reaching out here for some assistance. I'm not sure if this is the case for you, but we have a list of supported file formats for videos in Pulse in this Community article. If video is not uploaded with these specific file formats, it will cause an issue. If videos are in link format, this will take the learner outside of Pulse to view the video.

    For a little bit of a deeper dive into what you're experiencing, I would suggest connecting with your school's IT Help Desk. They can help to determine what might be going on. If you need some assistance finding that contact information, please let me know.