Video recording on D2L using MacBook

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Hello! I currently have a MacBook air M1 chip. There is a feature where you can change from the terrible quality 720 camera to use your phone camera as a webcam and use an adapter to hold it in place. I have the adaptor and have used other websites and apps to try it out and it would perfectly. Usually, there is a drop-down box and I can select my phone and it pops up. It for some reason does not do that and from what I can see, can't figure out how to change to another webcamera on d2l using a Mac. Not sure if this is the right fourm but any help will do!

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    Hi Arturo, for this one I would recommend reaching out to your institution's IT Help Desk for assistance. If you need help finding that contact information, please let me know and I will DM that info to you!