Imposing a file size limit

I teach in a design program where students are producing documents with a lot of visual elements embedded. Unfortunately, they often submit PDFs that have not been optimized, resulting in huge file sizes that slow the D2L assignment grading interface to a crawl.

I'm sure I remember there being a file size cap that instructors could implement on assignment folders, but that option no longer seems to be available.

I would like to impose a file size cap of 100 MB on submissions, because in my experience, anything larger than that results in an extremely slow and inefficient grading experience.


  • HI @Darren.W.411

    We do allow max file sizes, however, that setting is for the whole organization. You can reach out to your LMS support team and ask them to set d2l.Tools.Dropbox.MaxFileSize to a lower value.

  • Darren.W.411
    Darren.W.411 Posts: 3 🌱

    Is there a reason why instructors cannot set this on a per-assignment level?

    Assignments that require video submissions and assignments that require PDFs have different requirements. Asking administrators to do this seems overly complicated and like a waste of everybody's time.