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Hi @All,

I am looking for an D2L API to insert and update the below Learning Outcomes under Assessment. Please help me out on this. I have attached screenshot for your references. Thanks in advance


  • Allard.N.654
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    As far as I know such an API endpoint does not exist, unfortunately. There are still a lot of areas that are not covered by the public Brightspace API. It seems like there is an internal API as well, but that one is only available for Brightspace internal use.

    An alternative approach that we take (for quiz question import, slightly different topic) is to generate a course export package containing the learning outcomes you'd like to create and import that package through the API ( I'm not sure if updating is possible, worth a try!

  • Hi, can you reach out on Email?
  • To confirm Allard's comment, he is correct, we do not currently have public APIs available for our Learning Outcomes tool. The suggested workaround to use course import packages is a creative way to solve this, but I recognize this is not ideal, and direct APIs would provide a much better experience. I don't have any ETAs on when those may be available. :(