How do I see, and modify a Question ID?

One of the things I hate the most about the question bank in brightspace is that you cannot see the question ID and the text of the question and the same time in the question bank unless you make the name of the question include both.

We use a specific coding for our questions to align them to specific curriculum objectives. In our previous LMS we could see the question title (which BS calls "short description" as well as having the option to see the question text so that we could know what the question was about. I am shocked that this is not an option in BS.

After downloading the CSV template to import questions, I saw that there is a way to enter a question ID in the CVS file. I do not know where this information is stored, but is there a way to see it in the question bank? Can it be visible for all questions as well as the text of the question? Is it possible to have the short description and the question text visible so that we can know what questions we are looking at without having to view every question one at a time? Where can we find/see the question ID? Can we edit the question ID after a question has been made? Can we edit the question ID in the question bank while creating new questions?

Any help would be appreciated.


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    Hi @Daniel.M.883
    I checked in with some folks here at D2L that would be more knowledgeable about the Quiz IDs than myself.
    They explained that these are an internal ID, and not intended to be modified by users.

    So I wondered what I might do in your shoes- and I think what I'd do here is use the Quiz Question Library feature that allows you to create sections. These sections can be labelled according to your learning objectives, and you can order your questions banks within those sections (folders)

    When you then go to build a quiz (or survey, or self assessment) you can choose which sections, or questions from sections you'd like to include. Please excuse my poor sample question included in the screenshot.

    One of the advantages of the Quiz Question Library is that you can view the number of attempts made on a question across assessments, the average grade, and break down of learner responses to the question.

    There's a bit more information on this tool in our Brightspace Guided Training for Instructors Course which might be handy.

    I don't believe the Quiz Question Converter Tool or bulk import file allow you to bulk upload quiz questions to sections though- so you would likely need to upload them and then move them into sections.

    Hope this helps Friend- I'm glad you're here in Community!

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    Thank you for taking the time to reply.

    What you are suggesting is something that we are already doing.

    Each of our courses is identified by a number. In this example I am using our third period Powerline Technician Electrical theory program. We have other courses with different identifiers. Each course is then broken down into outcomes:

    Which are then further divided into objectives:

    Each objective is then separated into levels based on where and how a question can be used. e.g. practice, labs, assessments, course comprehensive exams.

    And, within any given objective, we may have over a hundred questions.

    The identifier we assign to questions is a code that allows us to know exactly where a question came from in the event that we need to find it. The code is not enough however. When you have so many questions, the actual text of the question becomes important.

    The only work around we have determined so far is to put our code and copy the question text into the "short description". This is not so short anymore as you can see from some of the examples above.

    What I was really hoping to see in BS was a way to view questions within the question library with both the short description AND the question text.

    It would also be nice to be able to tag questions with certain keyword identifiers so that when you are practice quiz or providing additional practice questions to students you could filter questions based on the keyword identifier…but that is a topic for another post. Some topics can span multiple outcomes and objectives and having to go through ever single question in a question library that is not very user friendly is extremely time consuming.

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    Hi @Daniel.M.883
    I've connected back with the Quiz Team here at D2L and you're right there isn't a way to have that short description and question text appear in the quiz question library. There also isn't a tagging function that's currently available.

    Both of these are excellent ideas, so I've shared them and the screen shots with our Quiz Product Team.

    I'm grateful to you for being in touch and highlighting this with our Community and Product Team.