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I have set up portfolio function in a course which will be delivered by five instructors in the same term. It is a professional development course. I need to do the following:

Create five groups within Portfolio function.

Enrol eight learners into each group and an instructor.

Restrict access of each group just to its enrolled eight learners and one instructor.

Can you please guide me how to do that? I tried to browse instructor tutorials but have not been able to find the required information.

Please note I need to do this within the Portfolio function.






  • brad.r.503
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    Creating groups within the Portfolio function in Brightspace involves several steps to ensure that each group contains the right learners and instructor, and that access is properly restricted. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you set this up:

    1. Accessing the Portfolio Tool:
      • Navigate to the course where you want to set up the portfolio function.
      • Go to the "Portfolio" area of your course. This may be listed directly on the navbar, or it may be under a different section depending on how your Brightspace is organized.
    2. Creating Groups:
      • Within the Portfolio tool, look for an option to manage groups. This could be labeled something like "Manage Groups" or "Group Settings".
      • Select the option to create a new group or category.
      • Create five separate groups/categories, naming them appropriately so they can be easily identified (e.g., "Group 1 - Instructor A", "Group 2 - Instructor B", etc.).
    3. Enrolling Learners and Instructors:
      • For each group, you will need to enroll the eight learners and one instructor.
      • This is typically done by selecting the group and then choosing an "Enroll Users" or "Edit Users" option.
      • Add each learner and the respective instructor to their designated group. You may need to search for users by name or ID to add them.
    4. Restricting Access:
      • Once the users are added to each group, ensure that the settings for each group are configured to restrict access.
      • Look for options such as "Group Restrictions", "Privacy Settings", or "Permissions".
      • Adjust the settings so that only members of each group can see the portfolio entries within that group. There should be options to specify that users can only see their own group's portfolios.
    5. Setting Permissions:
      • Make sure that the permissions for each group are set so that only the group members and the assigned instructor have access to view and edit the portfolio entries.
      • The instructor should be given additional permissions, such as grading or providing feedback, if the portfolio function includes these features.
    6. Testing the Setup:
      • It's crucial to test the setup before the course goes live.
      • Log in as a test student (if you have the capability) to ensure that they can only access the correct group portfolio.
      • You might also want to ask the instructors to verify that they have access to their respective group's portfolios and not to others.
    7. Reviewing Group Functionality:
      • Make sure that all the portfolio functionalities are working as expected for each group.
      • Confirm that instructors can interact with the learners' portfolios as intended.

    If you cannot find the exact steps for these actions in your instructor tutorials or help documentation, you might need to reach out to Brightspace support for assistance, as they can provide specific guidance for your version of the LMS and its configurations.

    Keep in mind that interfaces and the exact wording of options can vary between different versions of Brightspace, and your system may have custom configurations. If there are no direct references to managing groups within the Portfolio function in your instructor tutorials, this may be a less common use case, and direct support from Brightspace might be necessary.

  • Uzma.S.801
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    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for your detailed answer. It was extremely helpful in clarifying various steps for me.

    I am not able to enroll learners to various categories. I'll contact the Brightspace helpdesk.