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Hi, the institution I am studying from uses Brightspace, but one part of the site isn't working for me. When I select an assignment and then go to check the assignment guidelines, the link I click on just brings me to an error page. I'm not sure what to do


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    Hi @Kassandra.B.204
    I would recommend emailing your Instructor directly to let them know where you're seeing this- it's likely a challenge for other Students too.

    Look at the links on the navigation bar of your course- you're likely to find something labelled "Assignments" or perhaps "Assessments" (this may be a drop down menu that allows you to select assignments)

    From this link you should be able to see a list of all assignments available to you in your course and may help you to navigate to the instructions you need even if there's a broken link elsewhere in your course.

    This page explains more about how to navigate a Brightspace Course and how to use your course navigation bar

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