Rubric range scoring



I like to know if ranges are in fact supported in Brightspace rubrics? Such 2.6 – 3.0 as opposed to 3.

Thank you.



  • Lindsay.S.331

    sHi @caroline.y.57,

    Great question! Rubrics are created with whole numbers in mind, but when you grade using a rubric, you can override scores by manually entering any score. I included a screenshot below that I hope will help. In this case, the student was granted 3.7 on the first criteria. The * next to the score indicates that the grade has been overridden (versus the automatic 3 which is granted for "satisfactory"). I hope this helps to answer your question.

  • caroline.y.57
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    thank you for your reply!

    Yes this is definitely helpful information.

    I have been interested in creating a rubric and adding a marking range to the score field. This is possible in 'custom points' when you add highest possible score and when it is marked it can be manually adjusted as required. So it is possible to award a score lower than the maximum value. I.e. 1.3 out of 2.