Access my upcoming assignments due dates.

Hey, I am looking to use the API to access my assignment, quizzes, etc due dates. I have tried the following endpoint but it is returning 404 error.

Also, just to make sure I am passing the correct parameters, the orgUnitIds is the organization identifier that can be retrieved from the: /d2l/api/lp/1.9/organization/info endpoint correct?

Thanks in advance.


  • Landon.A.201

    Hi Zavier,

    If you are specifically looking for due dates for assignments, you can use this endpoint:
    GET /d2l/api/le/(version)/(orgUnitId)/dropbox/folders/(folderId)

    …with the following parameters:


    • version – API version.
    • orgUnitId – Org unit ID.
    • folderId – Folder ID for the specific dropbox folder.

    The returned JSON block lists the due date as a UTC datetime string.

    Our HTTP Routing Table can be used to find the same for quizzes.

    ^You can also find the orgstructure endpoint that will get you the details you need to identify the orgunitid's for the courses you are looking to target. If you are looking just to get a list of all course offerings:

    GET /d2l/api/lp/(version)/orgstructure/6606/descendants/?ouTypeId=3