Is there a role permission that allows a learner role to ignore start & end date?


Hi all!

We are trying to set up a test learner account to test submissions and data integrations. However, most of our assignments and quizzes have start and end dates. It is cumbersome to add special access for the test accounts for each course and activity. I'm looking in the roles and permissions and see that there is a "View Content that is Not Released" but that does not allow them to complete quizzes and assignments. Would anyone know if there is a permission setting that allows this? How does your team set up test accounts?


  • Sangeetha.T.629

    Hi @Philina.S.996 ,

    Thanks for reaching us through community!!

    Are you looking for a role set up where student will be able to view contents which are not released but cannot submit assignment/Quizzes ? then Does it mean assignment/quizzes will be viewed through content or directly accessed from respective tool ?

    Please let me know if you have any concerns in answering the questions.



  • Philina.S.996
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    Hi Sangeetha! Thank you for responding!

    We're looking for a role set up where the test student will be able to view unreleased content AND submit to unreleased assignments and quizzes. Essentially, they can ignore all release dates and conditions if possible.

    Our learners usually access assignments and quizzes through content.