Sending an announcement to a specific section

I know one can use the Email Classlist functionality to message specific sections in a course but this really pales in comparison to being able to have an announcement (which stays on the page and can be referenced henceforth) which is only visible by a single section. Notably, my TAs would like to have this functionality in order to communicate with their specific sections. I also made heavy use of this sort of functionality in the past when I was at institutions which used Canvas.

My specific questions are:

1) Am I mistaken and there is a way to do this? If so, I'd love if someone could walk me through the process.

2) If this isn't possible, could this perhaps be implemented as a feature in Brightspace? There's all sorts of core course information which should be available on a course website but which is only pertinent to some sections of a tutorial/recitation to a course so such a feature would be very widely used (and is widely used on other comparable LMSs).

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  • Daniel.J.763
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    Thank you both for your answers! I assumed "release conditions" just had to do with the timing of when the announcement was released, I now see that it does a lot more than that (notably what I was looking for!).