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In the Classic Content Experience, is there a way to create an internal course link to a content item (a module, a file; NOT an existing discussion, assignment, etc.), without using the whole URL, so that the links will persist if I copy the whole course? That is, in the copy of the course, the link points to the module in the new course, not the old course. Or do I have to recreate those links every semester?

This is related to, but that solution doesn't do what I'm hoping to do.


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    Hi Sarah,

    Yes, in all content experiences you can use the HTML editor to link to existing course content (HTML files/Course Files etc.) You can see the format of these links by selecting the Source Code symbol </> from the HTML Editor navbar. They will appear in the HTML code similar to the following:

    <a rel="noopener" href="/content/enforced/24930-course123/Riding%20against%20the%20wind.pdf" target="_blank">

    The snippet from the URL 24930-course123 is a combination of the OrgUnitID and Course Offering Code.

    When copying course content from one course into another this code is dynamically updated to reflect the new course offerings information, meaning there is no need to update the file references as it is done as part of the course import/copy.

    You can also use this URL format to reference other files in the Manage Files area as long as the file name is properly encoded as displayed above, e.g. Riding%20against%20the%20wind.pdf is a file named Riding against the wind.pdf These URLs can be added to any content item or activity created in the course offering if correctly formatted.

    Hope that helps!