Quiz due dates with custom review

I am setting up a quiz and want a review after the due date. If the end date is after the due date, can the students still take the quiz? I know how to do the customize quiz results but I had a student take the quiz after the due date during the review time.


  • Lindsay.S.331

    Hi @Maggie.F.949, this is a great question! If students take the quiz after the due date, then their quiz attempt will be flagged as "late", but they can still take it until the end date set.

    If you want students to complete the quiz by XX date and you do not want to allow attempts after that date, set that as the due date and the end date. Then, from the Evaluation and Feedback tab in the Quiz, you can choose to Customize Quiz Results and ensure everything is set up as you desire (including when the customized view comes into effect):

    I hope this helps!