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For every study program we have created a course template and when we create course offerings for a study program we use the study program's template as course offering template. Over the years new study programs come and some go.

Now I was wondering what the impact on linked course offerings when we remove templates for study programs which are no longer offered at our institution.

I did some testing and this is what I found.

After removing the course template the course offering remained fully available for students and teachers.

For administrators it was no longer listed/findable under Course management but they could still find it it in the Org Unit Editor

Within the course offering under "Course offering information" no template and department were listed. This is logical because the template was deleted and the department was linked via the the template.

None of these findings are real problems but I was wondering if there are more or hidden problems.

To want to keep our environment clean and free from old data we no longer use like templates for old study programs but we also have to deal with a retention obligation for the content of old courses. This is why I want to know if we can expect issues when we delete course templates. Especially because based on the API documentation providing a template seems to be required when creating a course offering.


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    Hi @Arald.d.320

    Thank you for reaching out to Brightspace Community.

    If you would like to have the existing templates of course offerings to be deleted, you will first need to create the Template that you wanted as the parent for all courses.

    Then you need to assign this template as the Parent template for all these courses .
    Then delete the existing one. 

    Note: Without changing the Parent template of courses, don't delete the existing templates. 

    Also, if there is content topics or files referred from these templates make sure to backup those before deleting. 

    Should you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

    Thank you,

    Syed Hasan