How to make D2L LTI Advantage iframe automatically vertically scale to available size

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When registering an LTI Advantage tool, you can specify a fixed width/height for the iframe to open the link in. A tool can also use postMessage to let D2L know its desired size. However, for a tool with a responsive layout and dynamic content (e.g. a list), there is no fixed size to set. This means that in practice, the iframe will always be either too large, or not optimally large enough.


Is there a way to let D2L scale the iframe an LTI Advantage frame to all the available space?


I noticed that D2L already ignores the width in certain situations, and uses the full width. Can it do the same for the height?



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    Hello @Remko Tronçon​ ,


    Thank you for contacting us via Brightspace Community!


    We have an existing Product Idea Exchange which is currently in review by our internal teams. I am attaching the idea here that you can upvote.


    Kind Regards,


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    Hi @Rusha Solanki​ 


    Thanks for the reply. Good to know that it's on the radar. I can't see the issue because I don't have an account on Product Idea Exchange. What's the process for getting an account there?