Notifications on Grade Items



Will a student receive grade entry/update notifications if the grade item is hidden?



  • Ricardo.S.110

    Hi @Lynn.L.12

    Thanks for reaching us through the Brightspace Community.

    No, if your grade item is hidden, students will not receive update notifications if you make changes to it.
    Once you unhide it, they will be notified of updates in their grade books right away - if their grades had been published already.

    I hope this is helpful.

  • Janet.W.813

    Hi Lynn.L.12,

    If a user has their Notifications set to allow the following, they will be notified any time these actions occur:

    • Grades - grade item released
    • Grades - grade item updated

    They will not be able to see any grade that is hidden, however, they will be notified anytime a grade item has been released or updated via the Update Alerts icon.

    Hope that helps.