Keyset URL cannot be reached

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I'm trying to setup an LTI advantage link with Mahara on our test environment but after completing all the details as instructed on the Mahara help pages here:


Brightspace returns a Keyset URL cannot be reached error.


Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?



  • Rusha.S.831
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    Hello @Scott Hedger​ ,


    Thank you for contacting us via Brightspace Community!


    May I suggest you open a support ticket with us to further look into this issue that you are experiencing?


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  • Scott.H.223
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    In case anyone runs into a similar problem in the future. Our Mahara test site was hosted on a LAN which our Brightspace test server couldn't contact. We had to move the Mahara test site to a publicly accessible server before we could complete the Mahara LTI integration.

  • Andy.G.943
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    For me it was because my server only supports TLS 1.3 and Brightspace doesn't support TLS 1.3. I had to host my JWKS somewhere else.