Checklist options

Hi, I've created a one column Checklist.
Is it possible for the students check off a partial completion as they go through the module?
Thank you.


  • Johnny.B.962
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    edited December 2023

    @caroline.y.57 When a student checks off items within a checklist that progress is saved immediately, and they can come back to it at any time. This is great for having a checklist of multiple things to do within a week, unit, or even an entire course, that students can come back to it and keep working on the same items.

    However, what I'm potentially hearing from your question may have to do more with "can a student partially mark a checklist item off". If that's the case, then no. Each item is either checked or it isn't. So if there are multiple parts to a single item, you may want to consider breaking that up into smaller items for students to individually mark as complete within the checklist.

    Hope that helps!