Hide image name in Brightspace questions

Is there a way to hide the name of an image that is used in a Brightspace question or to disable the "save image as" function?

For example, when creating a matching question where you ask the students to match a picture with a phrase…..if you import the image then the name of the image is visible if they right mouse click on the image and say, "same image as".

I would rather use image names that mean something as opposed to just "Image 1" or "Question 1".


  • Hello @Mike.G.126,

    Unfortunately, the 'Disable right click' option has been retired but as a workaround may I suggest you change the names of the images before adding them to the quiz? This will help you control the names the students see when they use the 'save image as' option.

    I hope this helps!

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  • Mike.G.126
    Mike.G.126 Posts: 4 🌱

    Thanks Rusha for the reply.

    Yeah, unfortunately the only workaround that I could think of was naming the files something generic.

    However, then I loose my ability to search and easily identify my catalogue of images.

    You also run the risk of overwriting a file that has the same generic file name.

    D2L should lockdown the ability to save images from things like quizzes and assignments.

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  • Hello @Mike.G.126,

    May I suggest you post this idea on the Product Idea Exchange

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