Talent Management Module?

Nadine.L.247 Posts: 2 🌱
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Does Brightspace have an Talent Management module, or a feature to integrate with one?



  • Brian.P.603

    Could you specify what you mean by "Talent Management Module"

  • Nadine.L.247
    Nadine.L.247 Posts: 2 🌱

    A feature or an add on module that allows you to manage your talent. It is a type of software or platform that helps organizations manage their employees’ talent and development. It can help with tasks such as recruiting, onboarding, performance management, skilling and training. It can be linked too or embedded within a LMS and associated with each courses they take and their learning paths or journeys.

  • Rusha.S.831

    Hello @Nadine.L.247,

    Unfortunately, I couldn't find a tool that matches the use case provided but if you are an ASC, may I suggest you reach out to your TAM/CSM to look into the possibility?

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