Ongoing issue with students unable to see Feedback Files in Assignments

A faculty member is having difficulties with SOME students not being able to access her feedback files when they are uploaded to Assignments.

For the Assignment: she downloads their submissions, makes comments and saves the document, then she reuploads the document as an attachment using the Feedback functionality in the Assignments tool. File size and type does not seem to make a difference, and the issue occurred for only 3 out of 15 students in the course. And those 3 students are able to access her feedback as expected in a different course.

The students do not see anything at all even though the system shows that Feedback has been published to them, and as an administrator I am able to see the files present as expected.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?



  • Hi Kira,

    There was a recently fixed defect for assignment feedback disappearing. For your reference, the defect number is:

    01906690> Assignment> Overall feedback seems to be disappearing from student submissions after published

    This issue was fixed in the version of Brightspace and you can find this listed in our fixed issues list:

    The issue that you described could be related to this defect. If the issue continues to appear even after your instance has been updated to the latest version, please open a support case with our Support team for us to look into this.

    Hope this helps!

    Warm Regards,

    Srishty Bhupal Sharma
    Product Support Analyst

  • Kira.H.305
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    Hi Srishty,

    Thanks for letting me know about that. Unfortunately, the issue is not related to the comments in Overall feedback but rather for feedback attachments, and the faculty member has just let me know that she had the same problem when trying to upload her feedback yesterday. And, in fact, it has gotten worse. None of her students were able to view her feedback files at all this time around, and she has not changed anything in the way she uploads.

    Are there any known issues with uploading zip files as Feedback attachments?

  • Linda.W.703
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    Hi Kira,

    You aren't alone. We are experiencing the same issue. Students can't access Word files with feedback from professors. It's as if they aren't there at all. We can see them on the instructor's side - but nothing on the student side. I've been advising professors to email students with the word file as an attachment.

    D2L - please advise on when this issue will be resolved. We're heading into finals week and this is a serious issue for us.


  • Linda.W.703
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    Update - we are now seeing the professor's uploaded file in the student view.

    Our click path is Activities > Assignments > [Assignment name] > Feedback column > Unread (or Read). The file appears on the next screen.

    Hope this is helpful.


  • Elizabeth.M.40
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    I want to share that I'm having the same issue (as of 2/21/24) with individually uploaded pdf feedback files for an assignment. Some students can see the pdfs and at least one can't (probably more that just haven't told me yet). Is there any resolution to this from D2L?