Why are my tabs wonky using html Tabs element?

Michelle.L.366 Posts: 11 🌱
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I've added content to an HTML file using the Tabs element (D2L template). When I open it on Edge or Safari, the tabs appear normal at first but then clump together and are only viewable the first time I click on them. Google Chrome is slightly better, but not with 100% consistency. If I use the pop-out feature to open the page in a new window, the tabs appear and behave as they should. Is there a way to make this work consistently? (see video to see what is happening)




  • Dmitry.L.956

    Hello Michelle,
    We are sorry to hear this. What you describe appears to be an unusual or undocumented behavior of Brightspace.
    Since your organization has end-user support, please submit a support request (if possible, with screenshots, browser names etc., specific course(s)/module(s)), and we will be happy to take a look and assist you.