Did the update to the source editor break some features?

Maureen.B.923 Posts: 107 🧭
edited November 2022 in Customer Enablement

After the April release, one of my instructors commented the following changes when using the source code editor:


Cursor location:

  • Previous behaviour: when you put your cursor somewhere in the Design view, then you switched to the Source Editor, your cursor appeared in the same spot.
  • New behaviour: When you switch from Design view to Source Editor, in the Source Editor your cursor resets and appears at the top of the page. The instructor needs to scroll down through the HTML to put their cursor where they want it to appear.

Highlight tags:

  • Previous behaviour: When you clicked in a tag, the source editor would highlight the open and close tags you were within.
  • New behaviour: The tags do not highlight.


I'm not in the Source Editor often, so I don't know what the default behaviour used to be. I don't know whether to submit a bug or a PIE.