I cannot for the life of me edit the widgets!

Erin.S.728 Posts: 2 🔍
edited November 2023 in Known and Fixed Issues
I just created a course shell, and I have read several forums on how to edit widgets, but my course shell simply isn't giving me the options to edit the widgets or home page at all. I've watched videos on how to do it, and it seems like my course is missing important links. Please help!


  • Paul.P.783

    Hello @Erin.S.728

    Thank you for joining the community and posing your question here. From your description, it sounds like you are perhaps missing some Permissions in your role within that course. I recommend opening a Support Case through an Approved Support Contact on your account or asking the person responsible for user permissions on your Brightspace environment to check your permissions for that particular course.

    For example, when you click Edit Course, do you get an option to edit "Homepages" or "Widgets"?

    Furthermore, I like to get a brief overview of a tool first through our YouTube tutorials. For example

    Before I knew what should happen, I went to watch a video on a particular aspect to familiarize myself with the options.

    If you have already followed these steps, please let us know how we can further help!

    Kind Regards