Release dates to tenant

Stephen.S.159 Posts: 2 🔍
edited November 2023 in Release Notes
Good morning, I was reviewing the changes for December 2023/20.23.12. I was wondering if it's possible to find out when these changes would hit our tenants? I have not been able to find an exact date for the releases. I do see it says "which we will begin to roll out on 7 December 2023". I have not been able to find the exact dates for previous releases as well, and it makes it hard for us to schedule the transition for some of our integrations as we don't know when they hit our tenants until we see the version on BDS change in the API responses (i.e. minor versions that don't need to be enabled in config, as we can control those ones if we want to change to a major version before it is mandatory). Is there an approximate date in the month that we could use to help plan our priorities for future releases? Thank you.