Use of GLOSSING for ASL Videos

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We are rewriting our current ASL courses. We would like to have both GLOSSING and CC at the bottom of our Video Notes. Has anyone been successful with adding both?

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    Hi @JoHanan.S.831
    this is the kind of question I love, because it helps me to learn more.
    I was not familiar with GLOSSING before you shared your question, but as a result I've been introduced to this video which has helped me to learn more about ASL GLOSS

    I've also consulted with our Accessibility Team here at D2L and they shared the following with me

    Adding GLOSS to an ASL video means writing out the English equivalent of each ASL sign. GLOSSING is another line of words like captioning that appears on the video interface.

    To create GLOSS, one must know ASL. Our system supports addition of GLOSS. If a captions file is created with the captions in one line followed by the GLOSS, then uploading that captions file should produce a GLOSSED ASL video.

    You would not use auto-generation of captions because there would be no audio in an ASL video.

    I hope this information is helpful to others who may learn through your question and provide you a way forward to add GLOSS to your Video Note files.

    This information explains how you can edit a Video Note Caption File