Working on developing 1.3 LTI Deep Linking. Keep getting errors.

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I found out what was originally going wrong, I wasn't sending the KID header along with the token.


However I'm still having a problem... Now I get "The external learning tool responded with no content. Close this dialog and try again or contact the external learning tool for support."


Am I sending the content item incorrectly?






I'm trying to achieve deep linking between my tool and Brightspace.


The initial request comes in fine, I get the deep_link_return_url from it, select the link i want to use, then attempt to post the data back. This is where i'm having the problem.


To start with I got 500 error, did some research and realised I had to put the kid in the header. Once I started sending that I am now getting 403 Not Authorised errors.


System logs in brightspace state "Error processing deep linking return"


Can anyone see any problems with the below, or is there anyway of getting a more detailed error?


Here is the token I am sending (I seralise before I do send):

















   "":"[{\"type\":\"ltiResourceLink\",\"title\":\"Testing Template\",\"text\":\"\",\"url\":\"\"}]",