Not all Widgets are available when customizing course offering homepages


I have received reports from several users who are trying to customize their homepages but not all widgets are available to them. This includes both Custom and System Widgets.

I have replicated the issue, in some courses I have access to more widgets than others and I have not yet found a consistent pattern as to why. Some of these widgets are prepopulated in template homepages we offer and if they use that template or a copy of it, the widget is included. However, if the widget is removed from the homepage it cannot be added back.

I have included screenshots to show the different number of options available.

Has anyone encountered this before and if so how did you address it?

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  • Nikhil.P.90
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    Hi John,

    Thank you for reaching out to us on Community.

    There is a possibility that the widgets are not shared with the course or the tool is disabled in the course causing that tool widget to not appear in the list.

    The issue requires further investigation, I kindly request you to open a support case by providing the details such as the course name, and username experiencing the issue along with the full steps to reproduce.

    This will help us to further investigate the issue.