Project Plan template

I am looking for a project plan template for Brightspace launch


  • Alex.V.58
    Alex.V.58 Posts: 134 admin

    Hi Christine, would you mind being a little bit more specific about what you are looking for? We are happy to provide some resources on getting started with Brightspace, or setting up a course, if we can obtain some more detail from you. Thank you 🙂

  • Christine.M.131

    We are looking to determine and plan out the pieces of the migration from another LMS and implementation of Brightspace that we will need to take care of on our end, such as QA, testing, configuration, set-up, etc. I have been charged with coming up with an internal project plan and don't want to miss any pieces or steps. Thank you!

  • Marie.H.606
    Marie.H.606 Posts: 2 🔍
    Did you get a testing plan for the migration?