Purge tool


When you have a purge task queued and it says that it is 85%, or some other percentage, it appears that the job stalls. The time and date stamp on the job just states the last time it was updated. After several days it still says the same. Is there an issue and what can I check to see if it has stalled ?


  • Srishty.S.799

    Hi Jon, the Data Purge tasks are run for a couple of hours every night at a set time. For your instance, it is set to run every morning at 1:00 AM UTC for 3 hours.

    Depending on how large your purge file is, it can take a number of days for the task to get completed.

    If a task seems to be stuck at a certain point, you can check the Audit trail of the file by clicking on the context menu of the file> Audit trail and see what actions were last performed.

    Hope this answers your question! If you are still facing any issues with the Data Purge tool, please feel free to open a case with the support team and we will be able to investigate this further.

    Srishty Bhupal Sharma
    Product Support Analyst