Inaccurate "Work to do" widget

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Tasks completed before the due date still show in my "work to do" widget. I'm sitting by the director of my program and we have yet to find a setting to clear it, including adding end dates.


  • Alex.L.241

    Hi Kristen, thanks for your question! The Work To Do widget is designed to remove tasks once they are completed to show an up to date list of work "to do". I would suggest reviewing the activity requirements to ensure that completion has been met (ex. submit the quiz, view all content in a module, submit an assessment) and if you are confident that the criteria has been met, then I would take a screenshot and asking your site administrator to submit a support ticket.

  • Paul.P.783
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    Hello @Kristen.C.26 ,

    I would recommend reading this article Introducing the Work To Do Widget
    which has a few FAQs that may prove useful. If you are not able to find a suitable response then I suggest opening a Support case with as many details such as role, course name, and activity type.

    Q. Does the widget display items that have been completed?
    A. No. The focus of this widget is on actionable items, work to do, not work that has been done. With the exception of Modules, once an item has been completed, it will disappear from the widget. If you want a Module to disappear from the widget, we recommend adding an End Date.

    Kind regards

  • Angela.E.408
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    We have found that adding an End Date to a Module causes the widget to still show something as past due, even if the student has completed that assignment. Our fix was to remove the end date on the module.