Can we upgrade the profile picture?

I wanted to put this in the PIE, but I've been getting errors. I'm putting it here.

The D2L profile picture was likely set up when space was very limited. However, now, the tiny profile picture needs to be fixed.
1) Instructors can't use it to help learn student's names; the image needs to be bigger.
2) Students asked to upload a picture often attempt to take a selfie using their phone. Most of my students then have to "downgrade" the image because it's too large and isn't accepted by D2L.

It's time for an upgrade. Allow larger files and make the profile picture larger (and more valuable).

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  • Jeffrey.M.844
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    Hello @scott.sandok,

    Thank you for the feedback, and also for painting a clear picture for why this is important,

    The Product Ideas Exchange (PIE) is currently having some technical issues, but I will update you here again to let you know once it is back up and running. Once it is, I would recommend you post this to that platform to increase visibility to your idea and so that others can upvote it.


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